Roof Replacement

Does Your Roof Need to be Replaced?

One thing many homeowners dread is to find out they need to have their roof replaced. They may worry about the cost of a new roof but the reality is, a new roof could help prevent major issues that can be far more expensive to fix, such as water damage to the structure of the home or mold growth inside. Learn more about a roof replacement below or, if you believe your roof needs to be replaced, call Buffalo New York Roofing today and let one of our experts talk to you about the options. 

Reasons a Roof May Need to be Replaced

Roofs generally need to be replaced because of severe damage or due to their age. If the roof has suffered extensive damage because of a storm, a tree falling, or other issues, it is possible that it would be more cost-effective to simply replace the roof instead of repairing it. Roofs can also need to be replaced if they were installed too long ago. The lifespan of a roof does depend on the material, but asphalt roofs and similar materials tend to last around 25 years. 

Repair or Replace? How to Tell

One concern for many homeowners is how to know if a roof needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired for now. This can depend on a few different factors. If the roof is significantly damaged, a full replacement may be easier and the cost could be similar. If the repair cost is equal to half the cost of a new roof or more, a replacement is likely a better option. If the roof is older, it’s likely better to replace it as it’s just going to have more issues over the next few years. If the roof is newer and the repairs would be less than half the cost of a new roof, repairs may be the better option. 

What to Consider Before a Roof Replacement

Before a roof replacement, the homeowner needs to decide what they want the new roof to look like. Even if they will use the same material, they may have color options available to them. They will also want to see if the replacement will be covered by their insurance company. Homeowner’s insurance companies don’t usually cover a roof replacement due to age, but they may cover part or all of the replacement if it’s because of storm damage or other issues. 

If your roof has been damaged or it’s showing signs of age, it may be time to look into having it replaced. We can do an inspection to let you know whether a replacement or a repair is the better option. Then, you can decide how you want to proceed and, if you do choose to have the roof replaced, we can talk to you about all of the available options. If you’ve noticed any issues with your roof, call Buffalo New York Roofing today to speak with one of our specialists and schedule an inspection.