Roof Installations

Get Ready For A New Roof Installation

Installing a new roof, whether it’s to replace an existing roof or on a new building, offers homeowners the chance to choose the materials they’ll use as well as the colors. A new roof can dramatically change the look of a home, even if the same colors are chosen as before, and can add to the curb appeal of the home. It can also help boost the sale value of the home. If you’re planning on having a new roof installed, read below to learn more about the process or call Buffalo New York Roofing and let us give you a quote today. 

When to Have a New Roof Installed

A new roof can be installed when an older or damaged roof is removed or on new buildings. They can also be installed on extensions if you’re adding another room onto the home. The roof is generally installed after the old roof is removed or, on new builds, after the structure of the home is complete. On new buildings, the roof should be installed before the flooring, drywall, and other elements are installed inside to help protect the interior from the elements. 

Removal of Old Roof if Needed

If the home’s roof is old or severely damaged, it will need to be removed before the new roof can be installed. An asphalt shingle roof will generally last for around 25 years, and after this point, will start showing signs of age and needing frequent repairs. When this happens, the old roof can be removed by our professionals and the subroofing material can be inspected to determine if any part needs to be repaired or replaced. In most cases, if there hasn’t been damage previously, the wood sheathing under the roof can be reused. 

The New Roof Installation Process

Once the wood sheathing is installed, if needed, the new roof installation can begin. The shingles will be brought onto the roof for easy access, as well as other materials that are needed. An edge flashing will be installed along the edge of the roof to protect it from the weather, then an underlayment can be installed. At this point, the roof is ready for the shingles. Once the shingles are nailed into place, the flashing can be added as well as sealants to help keep rain from getting into any of the parts of the roof. All of this can generally be done quickly by our experts, depending on the size of the home or new building. 

If the roof on your home needs to be replaced or you’re extending the building, a new roof will be needed. Let our pros at Buffalo New York Roofing handle this challenging job for you and ensure everything is done properly. This way, you don’t have to worry about water making its way inside your home. We offer tons of options for new roofs, so you can get the exact roof you want and boost the curb appeal of your home. Call us today to learn more or for a quote.